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1. How long does it take before we get our photos and videos?

We aim for 4-6 weeks max, most weddings are delivered in 2 weeks.

2. Do you travel?

Sure we do. We are worldwide available duo. Send us an e-mail.

3. Can we have fewer photos that have dark shadows, bright highlights and grain?

If what you looking for is more evenly lit style photography then we might not be photographer and videographer for you.
We use the full potential of natural light as well as flash/lit images during the party. Please make sure that you look through all of our samples to make sure that the style you see in the galleries reflects the style that you want for your wedding day.

4. I don’t see any formal photos on your website or blog, do you take any family shots at the wedding?

We usually don’t take classic/ posed family portraits, but we sure can if you request that. We don’t like to blog those, but we know that your moms and grandmas love them. We don’t sell prints on a wedding day.

5. Who owns the copyrights to the images you photographed at the wedding?

We retain full ownership and copyright to the original works. You will receive a license for personal use, such as printing and web publication.
You provide me with the right to use images of your likeness for online and print publication and advertising, and other various uses.

6. Are our digital files watermarked?

They are not. The high resolutions file do not bear any watermark. But please mention and tag us if you post the photos online.
Also, our photos are already edited so be kind and respectful and do not add additional filters.

7. Can we purchase the raw image files?

No. Like most wedding photographers, we don’t release RAW versions of our work. All digital work is delivered as high-quality JPEG files.

8. Can I have or see all of the unedited photos you took at our wedding?

No. We don’t release any unedited photos, ever. But don’t worry, we give you the best ones and trash all the half blinks and double chin shots.

9. Do we need to provide you the meal?

It would be really kind of you if you did, but it’s not a contracted requirement. Feeding us ensures we stay cheerful and mobile.
We prefer to eat at the same time as you because when you’re eating you are not at your most photogenic.
And when you’re done, we are done as well and ready to continue your coverage.